Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

College students are always on the look out for part time jobs that are not only close to campus, but also pay them well. The student job search is a process that never stops and students keep on trying to find out some of the best part time jobs available on college campuses. Are you a student and looking for a good employment options too? Read on to know what part time jobs can prove to be the best for you, in terms of closeness from campus, pay and hours too.

Computer Lab Attendant or Tech Support Jobs
One of the best campus jobs options available for students is the computer lab attendants or tech support jobs. College and universities look for students that are tech savvy and can perform IT field related work. Not only these part time jobs pay students well, but these jobs also provide with some fantastic real world experience for college students who aspire to make their career in the IT field.

College Gym Jobs
Gyms at colleges also offer good part time student job opportunities. These college gyms have a regular demand for people who can serve at the counter, give out the gym equipments and look after other related work at the college gym. If you can also take aerobics classes and provide personal training to those attend the gym, you can really have a best part time job and look forward to get a higher pay.

College Library Jobs
Most of the students overlook the job opportunities available at the college library. Students may think that part time library jobs are just about checking out and handing books. In fact library part time job responsibilities also include management of interlibrary loans, library search system data entry and other clerical tasks. However, student part time jobs at college libraries offer nice and comfortable environment.

House sitting / Housecleaning / Babysitting Jobs for Professors
The college campus has a number of professors who need these services for their kids and pets. While working for college professors, students do not only get well paid but they receive appreciation from professionals as well. This professional acquaintance can also result in profitable business and best job opportunities.

Dorm Desk Attendant Jobs
Though many students may not realize, the dorm desk attendant job is one of the best part-time jobs available on the college campus. This is one of those college student jobs where working hours will not be excessive. In fact things can have a pretty slower pace. Along with good pay, the job also brings students security responsibilities.

Academic Department Clerical Work
There is extensive work load in college academic departments. In order to help secretaries with the large amount of work, departments usually hire students for part-time work. Class handouts, journal articles, journal submissions, faculty meeting notes, conferences – there is a lot of work for students to handle and help department secretaries with.

There are multiple part time job opportunities available for college students. You may come across jobs that do not pay well. College students need to do some research and they can easily land some of the best parttime student jobs opportunities in college libraries, academic departments, technology, gym, dorm desk etc. In addition, students can also talk to professors about part time job opportunities to look after their kids, pets, home etc.

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Legitimate Paid Surveys Jobs Are Well Established

99.9 percent of all Google searches for "work from home" are scams. This does not bode well for people interested in working from home legitimately. You have to know which ones to pick. Paid online surveys working from home is an excellent choice. The key is to select the good companies who need your valuable feedback and WANT to pay you.

I started doing paid surveys online back in 2011 with a website called Springboard America. Trusted brands like Yahoo, World Vision, and Lenovo use a marketing research company called Maru / Matchbox to make their businesses better. Maru / Matchbox created Springboard America back in 2009 to deliver legitimate surveys paid in points. Later on members trade in those points for cash and / or gift cards.

Vindale Research is another website dedicated to delivering people cash for their opinions. You have an opportunity to make up to $ 50 per survey. Why are they legitimate? They have been in business since 2004, a member of the BBB with an A + rating, TRUSTe certified, and Norton Secured. With these qualifications it places them in the top tier of legitimate paid surveys jobs.

Toluna is another awesome website to join. They are one of the more interactive sites. Toluna includes polls, comments, and discussions for members and staff to interact with each other on a daily basis. Not online will you be rewarded for your opinions but also for participating in a potpourri of discussions that rewards your account for participating in as well.

The final job I am going to mention is American Consumer Opinion. They have been in the market research business before the internet took off. Established in 1986 as a direct mailing survey company, have since evolved into an online solution for people to join and discover how they can share their opinions for money.

Anyone of these companies will launch your survey career. Once you join, many of them will link to other legitimate paid surveys jobs within their program.


In addition to being paid for surveys online you may be asked to evaluate a product or service at home. You will be sent a product and asked to write an honest review of the product. You will be able to keep the product received and in addition receive a cash payment.

Legitimate paid surveys jobs are everywhere. Companies need your input in order to make products or services better. In addition to receiving cash rewards your going to be assisting in building a better tomorrow for people.

The companies mentioned are free to join, legal, and sometimes pay you to join instead of the other way around. Many scams online will ask you to pay for some sort of course or access to an exclusive membership. Legitimate paid surveys jobs is an excellent choice to earn from home.

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Young Jobs for the Holiday's

If you are job seeker looking for a holiday season job, it's not too late. Although, employers started to hire for holiday jobs in the beginning of September, you still have time to find a fun and enjoyable job. Companies like GAP, Pottery Barn, and Macy's are aggressively seeking out part-time holiday job seekers.

These companies have the understanding that job seekers applying for these positions are temporary. A word of advice to Job Seekers out there, don't be timid about applying for jobs you may not feel qualified for. A holiday job is a temporary job, and you are not only helping the companies fill much needed positions, but you may enhance your knowledge of the retail and corporate working world. If you are in high school, this is the perfect time to enrich your resume. Colleges love to see that you keep yourself busy during the summer and winter season. If you show self motivation and the want to work, that may be the leverage you need to get into the college of your choice.

So … job seekers, make sure to print out your resume and get started, the time to apply for a holiday job is now. As a bonus, some job seekers may even find jobs offering employee discounts. Not only can you make money this winter, you can save some money on gifts as well.

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Work From Home – 3 Reasons Day Jobs Are For Suckers

You get up early every morning, make your long commute to work, sit in a cubicle all day breathing recycled air. Your boss is a jerk, you don't like your co-workers, and you are bored with the same old thing. Why are you still there? Sure, jobs are scarce, all the more reason to leave the rat race. Let some other poor schmuck have that crumby job. You are perfectly capable of earning that money working from home. And it's easier than ever to make a fortune online.

Here are the three biggest reasons that your day job is holding you back:

  1. You are selling something of very limited supply at a bargain price. That something is your time. Why in the world do you nearly give away your most limited commodity when you could be leveraging it to make many times what you make at your day job? There are ways of making money online that will have the hours you spend working for yourself pay you for months to come. There are also ways to make money online to use other peoples' time to help you make more money. When you start an online business you end up selling results. When you sell results it doesn't matter if you are sick or injured, you can still have results.
  2. You are risking your health to line your employers' pockets. Depending on your job you could be risking your health or your longevity by going to work every day. Unless you have a gym membership, if you sit in a cubicle all day you are likely leading a sedentary lifestyle and increasing your chance of health problems in the future. If you work outdoors, possibly in construction, you risk life and limb for a developer who pays you slightly more than minimum wage. Finally, if you commute, the longer you stay on the road the more likely you will end up in a car accident and most people who commute aren't even being paid for it.
  3. You lose time with your loved ones. When you work for someone else they get to determine when you get to spend time with your family. Sure, you can decide what vacation days you get, but you don't decide how many vacation days you get. When you work from home, as long as you get results you can take all the vacation you want. All your family time depends on your own commitment to them when you work for yourself. Doesn't that sound more satisfying than begging your boss to let you see your kids?

So quit your day job and start being a success. In general employers want to be successes; they don't care about your wealth, health, or personal life. Stop helping them and start helping yourself. All of this is a choice. Everyone can choose to keep their day job, or they can choose to make a change for the better. Now it is time for you to choose.

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Optional Practical Training For Occupational Therapist Jobs

Optional practical training for occupational therapist jobs offer therapy students an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained through classroom studies in real situations, generally in an outside environment. The candidates can therefore obtain more practical experience, which in turn gives them the confidence to work efficiently in well-known medical care facilities.

Students with F-1 Status Can Obtain OPT Jobs

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is an authorization granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), for those students having F-1 status. This consent helps the candidates obtain provisional employment based on their academic discipline so that they can be benefited by a solid foundation for framing their future career.

For utilizing this excellent job opportunity, candidates must have enrolled with USCIS recognized schools at least for a period of nine continuous months. They must also possess F1-status at the time of applying. Students satisfying all these criteria can undergo the training in the following instances:

• After the completion of the course requirements for degree (before the submission of your thesis or dissertation)
• After obtaining the degree
• As part-time, while school is in session
• On part-time or full-time basis during annual vacation and at other times

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has now extended the duration of optional practical training from 12 to 29 months, which can be utilized by candidates maintaining the F-1 immigration status. The new rules will help the students to utilize OPT for a longer time without worrying about their graduation dates, and they can also concentrate more on their job search.

Approach an Experienced Staffing Service Provider

By utilizing the services of experienced healthcare staffing service providers, you can find suitable optional practical training opportunities for occupational therapist jobs in top-class healthcare settings throughout the United States. When you register with these companies, the staffing professionals will provide you with expert assistance to secure permanent or temporary placements with attractive emoluments and benefits.

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What Are the Current, Future, and Green Jobs That Money Will Be Spent on in 2010?

The current economy is suffering due to unemployment. By people being unemployed money is not being generated into the economy, and therefore positions are not being created. A possible solution to this problem is called the green campaign. There are several jobs that are and can be created by the green campaign. This campaign is about creating new jobs for people, through creating a safer environment. The campaign involves making recyclable packaging, environmentally safer products, better pollution controls, and energy efficient buildings, businesses or enterprises.

In order to be prepared to apply for these positions, you need to go to your local college, university, technical college, or community college and inquire about green jobs, or the green job curriculum. Preparing your children to take courses relating to the following jobs will also help. They will be able to list these courses on their resume when applying for the jobs. This will give them the edge as compared to others with no experience.

The jobs that money will be spent on are will vary. Repairing highways and bridges are areas that money will be spent. The people on completing this work will be building signs and billboards. These billboards will need to be constructed to warn people of damaged roads, bridges and areas.

The mass transit system work will involve repairing public transportation, public transit, and mass transit. This type of work will also involve repair of passenger transportation that is used by the general public. This area of ​​the campaign will also assist in promoting healthy transportation alternatives, and eliminating as much as possible, greenhouse gas emissions.

The infrastructure will help to provide employment through the rebuilding of buildings. This rebuilding and reconstruction of buildings will make them bigger, and stronger. This will require also that people be hired to run these new buildings, and complete new green campaign training to certify. People will also need to be trained to train these people also, for the new green environment.

Steel workers and concrete employees will be needed for the new campaign. These steel workers will be used to help build the wind power industry. These workers will produce wind mills and wind turbines that will help generate electricity. The concrete workers will reconstruct architectural structures, foundations, roads bridges, parking structures and footings for gates, poles and fences.

Glass work, and plastic employment will be created. The glass workers will put up new glass on the new reconstructed buildings to make them more green compliant. The plastic workers will produce many of the major parts and products that we use on a daily basis. This plastic will be used in various settings to assist with the green movement.

Medical records online and software programmers will also be needed. The medical records personnel will put new records online and the software programmer will write new computer software. They will write new code for various types of software that will be used with the green initiative.

Computer equipment makers will be needed to make new computers, for the new green campaign. These computer equipment makers will develop new high speed logical operations that will store and process various types of information. This information will be related to the green movement.

Last and certainly not least will be teachers. They will be needed for the campaign to train all of the new green employees on the various technological and compliant aspects of their new jobs. These teachers will be trained to make applicants for the green positions, qualified to complete their new tasks.

The green campaign will be an important part in generating money back into our economy, and will probably produce more jobs than I am speaking of in this article. To help yourself qualify for these positions start taking classes that relate as close as possible to the above positions. This will give you a much greater opportunity of getting the job. Just by you reading this article you will now be able to go to various job sites and research the green employment opportunities. I have included a jobsites resource in the resource box of this article. This campaign will help eliminate the current high unemployment rate, and help put people back to work. In the resource box of this article, I have included a valuable source to help assist you. This source will help you or someone you know to research, and qualify for green jobs.

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A New Generation Emerges: How Micro Jobs Are on Your Side

Looking for work? Somebody out there wants you to design websites, write an application for mobile phones, maybe remotely sort out their network, or just do PC support, either on site or via the internet. And they don't want to do it all formally. It's more like "You do this for me, and I give you money"

Our world has become extremely small. No, we won't be running out of space soon, but as far as computing is concerned, very small. We are capable of controlling a computer on the other side of the world remotely (with the owners' permission, of course) and fix or modify it without breaking a sweat.

Whether you call this consulting, freelance or "Micro Jobs," more of us are headed that way, according to Kristin Cardinale. The author of The 9-to-5 Cure, Cardinale cites US Department of Labor projections that "millions of short-term workers" are needed.

Short-term gigs can help programmers meet specific goals like paying for their studies, saving towards a new car, or just having some spare cash lying around.

Many people simply don't want to punch a clock, according to Odd Jobs: How to Have Fun and Make Money in a Bad Economy "Usually you decide when you work and when you take the morning off to sleep, or the week off to go skiing, "writes author Abigail R. Gehring. "And the variety of people you will meet, places you'll find yourself and skill sets you'll discover are sure to keep life interesting."

Pros and cons.

OK, before you zoom off to go and quit your day job, there are (always) a few things you have to remember: Working for yourself is challenging.

If you think self-employment equals endless free time, think again, it's not always so.

However, this working lifestyle may be perfect for people who:

  • Are not Office Johnnies, and prefer to work on their own, at their own pace,
  • People who travel long distances, and find that the time and cost of getting to work are sometimes not worth the effort.
  • Have a special skill, and wants to make these known to a large audience of clients.

Other advantages of being your own boss?

  • Work according to your own hours.
  • Every day is Casual Friday!
  • Take holidays whenever you want, provided of course, you are on schedule.
  • Meetings between you and the client are really easy to arrange.

However, there are (always) the potential disadvantages:

  • Work-play balance control, There is an amount of dedication involved.
  • You need to keep your administration under control.
  • No insurance or retirement. (Some full-time jobs don't provide these, either.)
  • You work alone. No other colleagues to chat to. (May be an advantage)
  • Unpredictable, and fluctuations of income. It will be important to budget properly.

Right, so how do I do this?

The Internet has always been your friend. There are many sites that offer freelancers the ability to post their listing, often for free. Clients react to these post fairly quickly, obviously depending on the type of work you have to offer.

Some sites even allow clients to bid on your work, and you can then accept the individual or company that you want to work with.

Google the net for reputable sites and work with them. Try the Micro Jobs arena and see how it pans out for you. There is lots of money to be made in this new and wonderful money-making haven, and the whole concept just makes a lot of sense.

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Knowing More About The Growth And Stability Of Retail Jobs

Today, the fashion retail industry is growing and proving to be a very stable business sector. One of the benefits of pursuing a career in retail fashion is the breadth and diversity of available opportunities. For example, if you are good at dealing with people, there are plenty of fashion jobs that you can try pursuing. There are plenty of positions available in this industry ranging from marketing positions to merchandising and management.

If your inclinations lie in designing, there are plenty of fashion design jobs you can try as well. Other opportunities include those related to buying, marketing, finance, and supply change. Indeed, retail is a growth sector these days. Unlike other industries which are confined to a particular location, retail shops are strategically located in various places in the area.

Even with the increased prominence of online shopping, retail continues to grow, keeping pace with the demand of consumers and tourists. The retail sector is one of the sturdiest and more robust sectors. In fact, during the economic crisis, many retailers increased their workforce.

In terms of stability, very few industries can match the retail sector. When you talk of scope and variety, very few industries can match fashion retail. Whatever your level of experience may be, you are assured of finding a position that matches your interest, skill, and experience.

You can certainly find work in areas like marketing, finance, human resources, buying, and visual merchandising.

Retail also has a low barrier of entry, with many companies willing to take employees with limited experience for some positions. On top of that, it is fairly common in the industry to see people work their way to the top. Retail employees also enjoy a few perks that can leave employees in other sectors green with envy. These include big discounts on store merchandise.

The great thing about this industry is that many retailers provide employees with training programs as well as a fast career progression. Although many retailers accept graduates from different backgrounds, you will have a better chance of landing a retail job if your educational background is related to business, management or economics. It also helps if you are highly skilled in relationship management and customer service. This can be your edge to land the job you want.

For those who want a long-term job in retail, they should take the time to determine the specific role or career direction that they want to pursue. It is also a good idea to brush up on their knowledge of the business side. Indeed, retail jobs are growing and are still proving to be stable as ever.

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Wonderful Jobs for Teens

Being a teen and trying to find work is not the easiest thing in the world. It can be hard if not nearly impossible to find suitable work during the teenage years. One of the most popular teen jobs used to be delivering the morning newspaper. In today's world, most newspaper companies simply will not allow young teens out on the road in the middle of the night. It is simply too dangerous now. With the advent of technology and the Internet, there is now an alternative to making money if you are a teen.

Surveys for Cash

Today's world does hold some exciting advantages if you are a teen who wants to earn some extra spending cash. Taking surveys online is one new way to earn cash if you are a teen who is thirteen years or older. Surveys are fun, easy, and are mainly multi choice questions that normally only take five to twenty minutes. Most surveys pay between fifty cents to five dollars. A few can go up to twenty dollars or more. Teens love to be online so it is a natural choice for teens to consider surveys as a logical alternative to their employment possibilities.

How Teens Get Paid

Once someone has reached a predetermined monitory threshold established by the survey company, one can request a cash out. Once this has been requested, a check is printed and delivered by mail to the survey participant. Many survey companies also give you a choice of being paid by check, Pay-Pal, Visa card, or prizes. The amount you can earn is normally tied to the time and effort you put into survey taking. The more you take, the more one can earn. All surveys are also one hundred percent free of fees. One never has to pay anything to take surveys since you are the one being paid for a service you are providing. Once you join a survey site, you will receive invitations by email and you can take as many surveys, or reject as many invitations as you want.

Free Things to Test

Some survey companies will even pay you to test or sample a product they would like to know more about. Many companies will spend big money to test their product with the general public before they invest millions of dollars into a new idea, flavor, or invention. Many times companies will even let you keep the product you are testing after reviewing the product and then going online to answer a few simple questions on your opinion about the product.

Don't be Fooled

Surveys have been tried, tested, and used my millions of people around the world everyday. The Better Business Bureau has also approved many of these sites and as a whole are good ethical companies. The most popular survey companies are absolutely huge in size and do as promised when time comes to being paid. Do not compare survey companies to the get rich quick websites out there. You won't get rich taking surveys, but you can make some pretty easy spending money if you want to do a little work after school. Given the restricted choices that teens have today, taking online surveys for cash is a logical alternative that can have some wonderful rewarding opportunities.

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Top 5 Sexiest Jobs in America

It turns out that making top dollar doesn't make you sexy. In a recent internet poll women did not choose the typical lawyer, doctor or CEO careers when responding to one simple question. What job do you think is sexy? While the poll only included 100 responses from women ages 18 to 55, I think the numbers are representative of most women. Aside from not being the highest paying jobs, the jobs that ranked highest all had one thing in common.

  • Firefighters
  • Firefighters axed the competition and won the title of sexiest job with almost 30% of the votes. These brave soles, cranked up the heat over other prestigious jobs.

  • Police Officers
  • A little bit surprising here but police officers made second on the list of sexiest jobs in America.

  • Pilots
  • Pilots ranked third on the list. Maybe women love a man who can command a multi-million dollar piece of equipment?

  • Doctors
  • We figured doctors / surgeons would be a little bit higher but they made a solid showing at number 4.

  • Military Men
  • Military men ranked number 5 on the list. There's nothing sexier than protecting your country and risking your own life to do it.

So What do all of these professions have in common? There is obviously some level of risk in most of these jobs with the exception of being a doctor. But the commonality is much more than that. All of the top 5 sexiest jobs wear uniforms!

Why is it that women love men in uniforms? We all have fantasies and women are no different. Britney Spears wearing the Catholic school girl outfit drove men crazy. Women, however, typically want to feel safe and secure when they are with a man. Apparently nobody makes women feel safer than a sexy fireman climbing through a bedroom window. It may also help that most of these jobs require some sort of physicality and a good looking, healthy body is often the result of their training. Maybe the uniforms are just a side-note?

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